Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before hire.

You will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions by signing our Hire Agreement.

For Non-Trade Hires - To ensure appropriate insurance for the hired equipment, an additional 15% of your hire fee will be added for Insurance, which we will arranged on your behalf.

  1. Hire rates apply per day, with a maximum of 8 hours per day

  2. Credit accounts are 7 days net of invoice date unless otherwise agreed for long term hire

  3. For long term hire, invoices will be raised and payable on a monthly basis

  4. All equipment will remain the property of R Maskell Plant Hire

  5. Signing this agreement will form the binding contract between the two parties

  6. The hire period commences from agreed start date, until the day of return as per the agreed off hire date

  7. Delivery and Collection charges are per delivery and per collection

  8. Customers terms and Conditions shall have no affect except that they agree with R Maskell Plant Hire conditions of hire

  9. The equipment will be inspected on return for any damage. Shortage, loss, punctures and fuel will be charged at the current repair or replacement costs as appropriate

  10. Machines should be cleaned before being off-hired. Machines off-hired in an unreasonable condition are subject to an additional cleaning charge

  11. Equipment will be provided with full fuel levels and must be returned full. Any shortage is the Hirer’s responsibility and will be charged for

  12. All Plant is to be fully insured by the hirer whilst on hire, or agreed arrangement with R Maskell Plant Hire

  13. R Maskell Plant Hire bears no responsibility or liability for the use of hired equipment, personnel or any associated equipment or loss or damage resulting from the hire of the equipment.

  14. Operators Handbooks will be provided with the equipment and must be returned. Replacement copies will be charged for

  15. The hirer is responsible for ensuring the safe and proper use of the equipment including surroundings and terrain.